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40. Matthew: Matthew, also called Levi, was a tax collector who later became one of the original twelve Apostles. The name Matthew means“gift of God” in Hebrew. Matthew as an eyewitness of Jesus’ entire ministry. The central theme of Matthew’s presentation of the life of Jesus is: Jesus is Saviour and King of the long – awaited kingdom of God.
Author: Matthew
Likely Date of Writing: A.D. 37- 40

41. Mark: The writer of this Gospel Mark, also called John (Acts 12:25), is the son of Mary of Jerusalem (Acts 12:12). We know that John Mark was a cousin of Barnabas (Colossians 4:10) he may have been a Levite (Acts 4:36). Mark accompanied Paul and Barnabas in their first Missionary journey (Acts 12:25), but Mark turned back (Acts 13:13). For this reason, Paul refused to consider taking him along on the second missionary journey (Acts 15:36-39). Since both Paul and Barnabas had strong opposite feelings about the matter, they decided to go different directions, Paul with Silas and Barnabas wit Mark. However, much later, Paul felt differently about Mark (2 Timothy 4:11). Mark presented Christ as God’s son in action, demonstrating His divinity by His miracles.
Author: Mark
Likely Date of Writing: A.D. 67 -70

42. Luke: The Gospel of Luke portrays Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah of the Jews and also the Saviour of all mankind. Jesus is presented here as a perfect man who is truly interested in every person on earth, no matter what his station is in life.
Author: Luke
Likely Date of Writing: A.D. 60

43. John: The Gospel of John stresses the deity of Jesus. This account of Jesus’ life is very different from the synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke). It offers the things which Jesus said more than the things which He did.
Author: John
Likely Date of Writing: A.D. 90

44. Acts: The Book of Acts is the second volume of two-volume set written by Luke, the physician. The “first account” of Acts 1:1 refers to the Gospel of Luke. Both books were written to Theophilus (Luke 1:3; Acts 1:1). The Acts of the Apostles tells how the early followers of Jesus, led by the Holy
Spirit, spread the Gospel far beyond the confines of Jewish life to the whole world.
Author: Luke
Likely Date of Writing: A.D 67 or 68

45. Romans: In Paul’s letter to the Romans, from the very start, he develops the theme that all people, whether Jewish or Gentile, are sinners and, therefore, need God’s salvation. But how can this be done? Paul writes meticulously that the only way is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through faith and complete obedience to Him.
Author: Paul
Likely Date of Writing: A.D. 60