Older Young People’s Retreat

This is a retreat organized over a weekend in February or March for college students and young professionals in the Local Churches in Ghana.It is a time of rich spiritual exercise and practical fellowship on issues relevant to this group of young people. Fellowships usually cover areas like marriage,education, career and professional development as well as mentorship in spiritual and practical affairs.

Mid – Year Conference

This is the first major conference of all the local churches in West Africa.This is hosted by the church in Lagos, in Nigeria. This is held between the months of March and April. Saints of all ages and from all localities are encouraged to attend. This conference is also open to all genuine seekers of the Lord. The theme for the conference is selected based upon the spiritual needs of the churches and the Lord’s leading at the time. It is a time of fellowshipping, building up and an opportunity to meet new ones gained for the Lord’s testimony. During this time, regional weekend gatherings are held in various places for saints who are unable to travel to Lagos for the conference.

Sister’s Conference

The sister’s conferences are presently being held in Ghana and occasionally in Nigeria but could be extended to other countries according to the need. The main purpose of this conference is to equip
the sisters in the churches with the knowledge of the Word and train them in matters relating specifically to sisters and to women in general.

Francophone Conference

The saints from the French-speaking countries rotate annually in holding conferences in Togo and Benin according to the fellowship of the elders and the full-time workers. The theme for this conference is selected by the elders of the churches in these two countries in fellowship with the full-time workers. Saints from the English-speaking countries are encouraged to attend as translation of messages is done.

West Africa Young People’s Conference

This conference is held currently in Accra, Ghana for young people between the ages of 12 and 30. The conference usually comes on in the third week of August. It is held in English with translation into French. During this time, the young people are trained in the matters of the spirit, life, truth and service. It is a time when they have a lot of healthy interaction with each other and with many older brothers and sisters. It is one of the biggest conferences organized by the local churches and is residential. As such attendants are required to register. The 2013 young people’s conference marked the 25th anniversary of the annual young people’s conference