Brother’s Conference

This is a newly-introduced conference presently held in Ghana. The aim  of this conference is to help renew the brothers in their vision, thus making them aware of their responsibilities.

Couple’s Conference

Marriages are strategic for the growth of the church both spiritually and physically. It is said that the couples are the backbone of the church. This is a marriage-enrichment conference where couples in the
churches come together annually to pray and learn more about godly marriages. They also fellowship about how to raise their children in a godly manner to withstand the present evil current that is sweeping the youth.  Due to its benefits, prospective couples are encouraged to attend.

Children’s Conference

This is a talent-hunting conference recently introduced in order to give the children (Ages 5-11) a special time with each other. It is also to afford them an opportunity to gain Christ in that unique environment.
The children play games, have Bible quizzes, Scripture recitals and do other activities geared at fostering friendship and togetherness among the children. Prizes are awarded to deserving children and groups. This conference is intended to be held simultaneously in many regions.

End of Year Conference

This is the second major conference of all the local churches. This conference is hosted by the church in Accra and is held at the last week of December. Saints of all ages and from all localities are encouraged to attend. Like the Mid-Year Conference it is open to all genuine seekers of the Lord. The theme of the conference is selected based upon the need of the churches and the Lord’s leading for the coming year. It is a time of fellowshipping, building up and an opportunity to meet new ones gained in the various localities in the course of the year. It is also a time of reviewing the year and looking to the Lord for the way forward. Hospitality is provided by the churches in Accra and Tema for saints from other localities. Occasionally brothers and sisters from Europe and the United States also join thus affording very rich fellowship.