1. What is Oneness?

i. Oneness in the Triune God Oneness is a divine element that exists within the Triune God. It is essential to understand that oneness is not the same as unity or outward agreement. Instead, it is a life within the Triune God. When believers express this life, they are in one accord. This oneness is achieved through sanctification, which is the separation from the world by the word of God. As believers are separated from the world unto God, they enjoy the Triune God as the foundation of their oneness.

ii. Divine Oneness Believers have been brought into this divine oneness of the Triune God. We cannot create or destroy this oneness; we can only frustrate or delay its expression. All believers are included in this divine oneness, and our responsibility is to keep it.

iii. Manifesting Oneness When believers live in union with the Triune God and become one spirit with the Lord, this oneness is naturally manifested. We maintain this oneness by preserving and safeguarding it. The oneness of the Spirit is essentially the Spirit Himself. To keep the oneness of the Spirit, we must remain in the life-giving Spirit. Acting apart from the Spirit leads to division and frustrates the expression of oneness. Staying in the life-giving Spirit ensures we keep the oneness of the Spirit.

iv. Overcoming through Oneness To overcome means to enjoy the riches of Christ to such an extent that the frailties and shortcomings of fallen humanity are neutralized within us. The old man is crucified and terminated, the headship of Christ is established in us, and we become vessels of honor, sanctified and useful to the Master for every good work.

2. In One Spirit, We Were All Baptized into One Body

i. Baptized into One Body In one Spirit, we were all baptized into one Body and were made to drink of one Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:12). The same Spirit operates in all these things, distributing to each one as He purposes (1 Corinthians 12:11).

ii. Mingling with the Spirit To be baptized in the Spirit means to get into the Spirit and become lost in Him. To drink the Spirit means to take the Spirit in and become saturated with Him. Through these two processes, we are mingled with the Spirit.

iii. Continual Mingling Baptism in the Spirit is the initiation of this mingling and happens once for all. Drinking the Spirit is the continuation and completion of this mingling, which is ongoing and perpetual. This requires us to continually call on the Lord, draw water with joy from Him as the fountain of living water (Isaiah 12:3-4; John 4:10, 14), read and enjoy the word of God, and engage in prayer and fellowship with the saints.


Oneness in the Triune God is a profound and divine element that goes beyond mere unity or agreement. It is a life within the Triune God that is expressed through believers living in one accord. By staying connected to the life-giving Spirit, we maintain this oneness and overcome the limitations of our fallen nature. We are called to continually draw from the Spirit, living in union with the Triune God and manifesting this divine oneness in our daily lives. Let us strive to be vessels of honor, sanctified and useful to the Master, reflecting the oneness that exists within the Triune God.