As young people, we face many challenges and distractions from the world around us, from other believers, and even from within our own thoughts. These thoughts can often pull us away from a God-centered life. However, in all these challenges, we are encouraged to remain focused on who we are called to be – those with the mind of Christ. It is our responsibility to stay committed to our Master’s call.

Understanding the Mind of Christ

  1. What is the Mind of Christ?
    • A Wise Decision to Do God’s Will: Ephesians 5:16-17 urges us to make the most of every opportunity and understand what the Lord’s will is.
    • A Commitment to God’s Will, No Matter What: Jesus exemplified this in John 6:38, stating He came to do the will of His Father.
    • Jesus’ Eternal Decision: Jesus made the decision to do God’s will long before He came to earth.
    • Delighting in God’s Will: Jesus found joy in doing God’s will and remained in fellowship with the Father during His time on earth (John 5:30).
  2. How to Embrace the Mind of Christ? – By Being a Servant
    • Laying Down Our Will: Jesus took the form of a servant, agreeing to lay down His own will.
    • Becoming a Humble Servant: A bondservant, owned by another, exemplifies humility and submission.

The Attitude of the Believer

  1. Like-Mindedness:
    • The Greek word for “mind” is “phreno,” meaning to think the same thing. In Philippians, Paul addressed dissension among believers, urging them to think “one thing.”
    • Selflessness: We often have personal interests and opinions, but we need to be lowly in mind and other-centered. Jesus prayed for our unity in John 17:15.
  2. Humility as Seen in Christ – Philippians 2:
    • Taking the Form of a Bondservant: Jesus came to serve rather than to be served. Reflect on this – are you here to serve or to be served?
    • Self-Emptying: Paul counted all his gains as loss to gain Christ.
    • Obedience to the Father: Jesus obeyed God’s will to the point of death.

Relying on Christ for Strength

  1. Deal with Secret Sin: As believers, we cannot harbor a secret love for sin and authentically love Christ.
  2. Abide in Christ: Jesus is our source (John 15). We need to stay connected through prayer at all times.
  3. Focus on God: Set your mind on God and the heavenly vision. Like Jesus, we are to live every day for Christ alone.

God Rewards Humility – James 4:6

  1. Manifestation of God’s Glory: Individually, God’s glory is revealed in us. Corporately, it is seen in the church.
  2. Exaltation Through Humility: Christ was highly exalted after His humble obedience.

Practical Steps for Young Believers

  1. Avoid Outward Obsessions: Focus on inner spiritual growth.
  2. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone: Be willing to take risks for your faith.
  3. Avoid Ungodly Influences: Steer clear of ungodly words, music, videos, environments, and relationships.
  4. Deny Yourself: Embrace a life of self-denial for Christ.


If we live each day as if it were our last before the Lord, our lives will be filled with meaning and selflessness in our commitment and service to God. The Lord seeks those who will live as He did – loving God, doing His will, loving the saints, and spreading the gospel to the lost. Will you be one of them?